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In 1996, Walter Extra introduced the Extra 200. The 200 is slightly smaller then the Extra 300L, and is powered by a 200HP, rather then a 300HP Lycoming engine. It also uses the same wing and tail structure as the EA300/S. In addition, the EA200 is considerably less expensive, at $170,000, versus the 300L's price of $235,000. While that isn't cheap, it's lower price may allow more aerobatic schools, clubs, and partnerships to buy one.

The 200 is a docile enough plane to learn aerobatics with. At lower speeds, the performance is similar to typical enty level aerobats, like the Decathalon. When opened up though, the little Extra is a performer, on par with the Pitts S-2B (the Pitts has a 60HP edge, but the Extra's aerodynamicly clean design makes it comparable). The 200 will probably be all the airplane a pilot needs until he's ready to move up to a more powerfull unlimited competition ship. It also sports adjustable rudder pedals- important when many pilots of varying sizes may be using the plane.

Like it's bigger brother, the 300L, the EA200 can be equiped with full gyro instruments (see the picture above), leather seats, and long range fuel tanks. This allows the 200 to be used for cross country flying, in addition to aerobatics. All this in a plane that has been certified by the FAA to 10G's!