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Welcome to the Unofficial Extra 300 Home Page!

UPDATE! (05/26/02):Ran out of space on my web server, so none of the pictures work at the moment. Hopefully I'll get everything back up and running shortly.

(01/27/01):As you can see, the Unoffical Extra 300 Home Page has moved. Hope you like our new home

(03/04/00):Lots of new pictures in the Extra 300 and 300L area!

(02/02/99):Aerosport, the North American importer of the Extra, has made a big update to their web site. They have dozens of pictures of all the Extras, plus 3 views and specs. Check it out!.

You'll find lots of information about the Extra 300, 300L, 330L, 300S, and the 200 on this site. This includes specifications, 3 view and 2 views of the aircraft, plus, more then 100 photos of Extras in every kind of color scheme you can think of. By the way, new photos will be added to the top of each page as I put them in.

Many of the drawings and photos here were graciously provided by "J.J." Joe Johnson of Aerosport, and Jim Moser (the president) of Aerosport, the North American distributer for Extra Aircraft. Some of the other photos are my own, and the rest I grabbed off the net over the years while looking for color schemes for my own r/c Extra 300.

I hope you enjoy this page. If you have any suggestions for improving it, feel free to drop me a line. If you have any photos or info you'ld like to contribute, please email me! While you're at it, be sure to visit my main site, Brett's Slope and Power Homepage, where you'll find images of both radio controled and full scale aircraft.

Brett Jaffee