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Here's a list of sites that feature pictures and images relating to the Extra, aerobatics in general and other aerobatic planes like the Sukhoi and CAP.

Indianapolis Airshow Team
Lots of information, pictures, and even videos of the team's Extra 300L.
Aero Sport
These are the guys that import and sell the plane. Many good shots of the Extra 300, 300S, 300L, and the new Extra 200 and 400 here, along with lots specifications.
World Aerobatics Promotions
Dutch Aerobatic pilot Frank Versteegh's web page. Lots of 300L stuff.
Golden Dreams Aerobatic Team
Team featuring the Lexus Extra 300.
Patty Wagstaff Airshows
Patty's web page has tons of pictures of her Extra 300S.
Firebird Aerobatics
A British aerobatic team that flies a variety of planes, including the Extra 300.
Rihn Aircraft Home Page
Dan Rihn's DR-106 One Design and two-seater DR-109. Many photos.
Western Michigan University's Extra 300L
Wow, a school with its own Extra! Lots of specs and several pics.
Halcones Aerobatic Team press ride
A reporter got a ride in one the Chilean aerobatic team's Extra 300s. Story and photos.
The Northern Lights Aerobatic Team
Great shots of the team's Extras, plus lots of info.
Alternate Northern Lights Site
Great shots of the team's Extras, plus lots of info.
The Aerobatics Image Archive
Shots of a variety of aerobatic planes, including Patty Wagstaff's Extra 300S.
The European Airshow Homepage
Great pictures of warbirds, jets, civil aircraft, and a whole page on aerobats, including Extras, CAPS, Sukhois, and Yaks.
Rocky Hill Airshows
Rocky flies the America Online Extra 300 for his airshow performances. Several good pictures on this page, plus specs on his plane.
New Vacation Pics
This guy worked at Aero Sport and got a bunch of pictures of the wildly painted Northern Lights aerobatic team Extra 300's.
Rob Krauter Airshows
Pitts Special.
International Aerobtic Club
IAC Homepage.

XVIII World Aerobatic Championships

The contest is over, but this is still a great site for aerobatic enthusiasts.